About DZ

Disposable Zeros began at Seattle's annual rock n' roll holiday charity fundraiser event, All Star Porn Jam.  For several years, future bandmates Dan and Thai played two Metallica songs one night a year for the event to great praise from their peers and fellow musicians.  In 2016, the question was asked "do you want to do this more than once a year?"  The band was formed, and from June 2017 through June 2019, Disposable Zeros played 28 shows.

During the live-music shutdown of the pandemic, the band made changes to its lineup, resulting in a strong and tightly-knit quartet of musicians with a united goal: to be the best Metallica tribute of all.   In 2022, Disposable Zeros hit milestones including a Harley Davidson Anniversary Party, a tasting event with Metallica's own Blackened American Whiskey, and a special performance of the classic album, Master of Puppets, in its entirety.  

Disposable Zeros allows Metallica fans a front row seat for a live performance of the highest level.  With an ever-increasing repertoire of 50+ songs spanning across every album in their catalog, we aim to continue expanding our reach with the mightiest tribute to Metallica you'll ever experience!

Disposable Zeros is:

Dan Estrella - Lead Vocals / Guitar - James
Clint Clark - Drums - Lars
Mike Lewin - Lead Guitar - Kirk
Thai Dao - Bass - Cliff/Jason/Rob